6 Crucial Features to Analyze Before Buying Your Cold Storage System

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Reliable storage and reservation are the need of the hour, and if your business deals with medicinal or food-related goods, you are legally obligated to have a cold storage system that preserves the quality of your products at all times. Commercial cold storage systems are much different than our household cold storage options as they have to serve a much larger variety of goods and for much longer periods. There are different types of cold storage systems, some for general use, while others cater to the specific needs of any particular industry.

Depending on the range of products your company deals with, your storage and temperature requirements will vary significantly. Ideally, a cold storage system is designed to provide the following set of benefits:

Wide range of temperature management: The temperatures in individual cold storage cabinets can be altered to suit distinct products without any hassle.

Round the clock monitoring and alert systems: The products can be monitored individually through sensors and camera technologies. The condition of the products can be viewed physically through viewports or externally through monitor screens.

Flexible design and storage options: The storage trays and cabinets can be rearranged to meet your spacial and product needs. Each tray can be shuffled to make optimal use of space and store maximum products in a cabinet.

Multifunctionality: Modern cold storages are equipped with different functions that can help manage and manipulate the cold storage ecosystem to benefit the product.

Cam-Locking feature: It ensures that walls, ceilings, doors, corners, and floors of the old storage are correctly aligned.

Backup systems: Cold storages have a backup power system to avoid system failure. In case of system failures, the system alerts you to move the products immediately to emergency storage.


Based on your business’s features, you can buy an excellent cold storage system from top cold room manufacturers in India and boost your profits and productivity. However, there are some other essential attributes associated with the design and functionality of cold storage systems that you have to consider before making the purchase. These essential factors include:

Type Of Cooling Technology Used:

Different brands and manufacturers opt for their own improved cooling mechanisms while designing their cold storage systems. You must choose the technology that best suits your products instead of going for trending options.

Level and Quality OF Insulations:

Depending on the type of products it caters, cold storage can have a different degree of isolation for cost-effectivity. Depending on the heating and cooling behavior of your products, choose the most economical and efficiently insulated room for your business.

The exact range of temperatures:

You can find cold storages that can reach temperatures as low as -50°C to as high as 15°C. But you must choose only that temperature range with can suffice your product needs.

Shelving and Stack Design:

The sizes of storages vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Choose a stack design that can optimally store your products and can be rearranged for the same.


Cold storage is a long term investment that will be with you as your business grows. Hence, choose a storage system that is designed for high scalability in terms of size and technology.

Potential Maintenance Costs:

Distinct storage systems with different features will vary in terms of maintenance as well. While buying a cold storage system, your aim should be to choose the option which is most cost-effective at present as well as the future.


Companies that manufacture cold storage in India are rapidly evolving to adapt modern technological innovations into their systems to provide better storage facilities at lower costs. Kala Biotech is one of the leading cold room manufacturers in India who offer customized cold storage solutions to a variety of industries in India. If you’re in need of customized and cost-effective cold storage solutions, visit the Kala Biotech website and reach out to our cold storage experts today.


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