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Kala Biotech has been recognised to be one of the leading cold storage company in India. The present global climate scenario has become a threat to sustainable food production and preservation, and therefore, the preservation of resources is crucial. We offer cold storage solutions needed in industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, horticulture, floriculture, Dairy & Ice cream industry, meat, fish, and many more.

With the help of our talented workforce, we offer a range of distinguished solutions for cold storage in India. We are strongly committed to utilizing developed electronic & electrical components, high insulation panel, evaporator unit, and many such advanced components to offer our patrons an array of cold storage solutions, which can be used extensively in restaurants, food processing industries, and dairy & ice cream industries.

These services are proficiently examined and executed by highly-experienced and trained professionals who are thorough with temperature rates suitable for a diverse range of products.

Kala Biotech Lab is certified by the Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt. of India. Under National Certificate System for Tissue Culture Raised Plants. It also has an ISO 9001:2008 certificate. We take pride in being at the forefront of developing Innovative Technology for cold storage in India.


We are the Leaders in Refrigeration & Air conditioning Pioneer in prefabricated cold room in India offer PUF panel assembled at site,


Blast chiller is a method of cooling food quickly to a low temperature that is relatively safe from bacterial growth. Bacteria multiply fastest


Our Banana / Mango ripening chamber available with PUF panel, Civil insulation, Refrigeration, Humidification, ethylene dosing


We offer our clients a wide range of PUF Insulated Panel that is best known for its superior quality. These panels are designed


KALA Biotech is special used in offering various application Clean Room for variety of customer. Climate Control Room food


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The primary reason any product degrades is the atmospheric warmth and moisture, which catalyze the decomposition process. Cold storage prevents this process by artificially maintaining low temperature and humidity inside the storage space to best a type of product.

Cold storage is a specially designed closed space to store specific biodegradable products to ensure their long shelf life. Unlike the residential refrigeration systems where a constant temperature caters to a few products for some time, a cold storage warehouse is designed to be automated for storing and preserving a myriad of products to the extreme lifespan simultaneously.

Many cold storage companies in India design such storage solutions in different forms, such as box freezers, portable trailer blocks, and expandable size rooms.

Cold storages can be customized in a vast range of sizes and formats to suit a particular industry. Be it food processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, horticulture, floriculture, dairy & Ice cream, meat, fish, agricultural or perishable accessories manufacturing, every small and large scale company can choose to have a different type of cold storage solution. These solutions include Blast Chiller, Ripening Chambers, PUF Insulated Rooms, Clean Rooms, and Cold Warehouses.

In the case of large-scale cold storage warehouses, cold storage manufacturers in India require around an acre of land for blueprinting an average of 1000 MT capacity.

The Food Safety and Standards Act passed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in 2006, made it mandatory for businesses that involve either production, supply, or storage of food items to maintain a cold storage system.  that preserves their food and keeps it safe for human consumption at all times. This led to a major boom in demand for cold storage manufacturers in India.

The primary aim of cold storage is to prevent decomposition poisoning of food products and maintain their nutritional value to an optimal level. The phytochemicals present in raw fruits and vegetables can get altered if they are stored at unsuitable temperatures.

If broccoli is stored at 1°C for 28 days or more, it undergoes rapid reduction of total antioxidants and other compound contents. The antioxidant properties of oranges can be increased by storing them at 6°C, but it can also lead to vitamin C reduction depending on how long they are stored.

A food’s firmness, weight, color, soluble nutrients, pH, and many other factors are directly affected by the temperature and duration of cold storage.

Onions can have a long shelf life of 30 to 180 days based on their storage conditions. Many cold storage manufacturers in Pune store onions at two ranges of temperatures, which are 0°C to 4°C, and 25°C to 31°C. This helps minimize water loss and prevents them from sprouting.

  • For large scale storage of onions, consider the following tips:
  • It is always better to dry onions at 25 to 30°C before storing them.
  • The range of 20 and 25° Celsius is extremely harmful to onions, and it infests different bacteria and fungi between those temperatures.
  • It is best to store them in a cool and well-ventilated space.
  • Do not wrap or store them in plastic bags, and it prevents them from proper air circulation.
  • Make sure they are free from gray or black molds and visible sproutings.
  • Do not store them alongside other items that give out moisture, such as potatoes.
  • Keep them away from heat sources.
  • If you’re storing cut onions, sealing them in plastic bags or containers can preserve them for several days under refrigeration.
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